Waste disposal can quickly become overwhelming.

Anyone who wants to create something in construction, in production, in administration or at home does not have the time to deal with unreliability and delays around.

We believe that supply and disposal simply has to work.

Be sure that everything will be taken care of.


You always know exactly which solution is the best because we give you complete advice.


You save time and money because we are pragmatic and flexible when you need us.


You manage your project without stress because our service arrives on time.

How we support your project


Waste disposal can cost you a lot of time and nerves. We take care of this. Straightforward, reliable and proper. So that waste never gets in your way.

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Gravel & Sand

Gravel and sand are the foundation of civilization. With our wide range of quality products, we help you to make your construction projects a success. And we take care of the disposal at the same time.

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Cleaning Services
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Personnel services
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Landfill operation
Small acceptance / self-delivery

The easiest way to get ahead quickly

Order digitally and have it picked up. So you always have full control and manage your order data at any time and from anywhere


Available in many regions in Northern Germany

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Available in many regions across Germany

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Place your order in a few seconds, around the clock. You can order the delivery of building materials with just a few clicks. And you can order containers just as quickly. They’re also rid of the paperwork. Everything digital, from anywhere in the World

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We think: Supply and disposal must be easy for you.

We help you realize successful construction projects. You, as industrial and commercial customers as well as municipalities, can concentrate on your core activities with our products and services.

Years of experience
Moved tons of gravel and sand
Own trucks

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Why we move masses and are still personal

Customer testimonials

Get advice.

Many a large construction project causes problems because there is no safe waste management. Or, because the availability of building materials is not certain. Our personal contacts will help you develop the right concept. So that nothing stands in the way of your project.

Even when things have to move fast, we are at your side: Sometimes every hour counts. Because standstill is poison for a project. That’s why we have the hotline. Here you will find a solution to your problem with our experts for disposal, gravel, sand and landfill.

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Carla Pavlenko

Leitung Genehmigungs- und Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement

Telefon: +49 40 54885-119
E-Mail: Carla.Pavlenko@doerner.de

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Jana Schwindowsky


Telefon: +49 40 54885-888

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Ihr Ansprechpartner für Kies & Sand

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