Gravel & Sand

Movingthe soil.

Use our diverse high quality and certified products at your construction site. We produce at 15 plant locations and deliver to the construction industry with an efficient and modern truck fleet (7.6 million tons in 2017). As a certified disposal specialist, we recycle and dispose of mineral waste and soil from your construction site.

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Gravel and sand can be used for a variety of purposes. For your project, we combine the materials with our computer-controlled dosing systems, which are equipped with the most accurate measurement techniques, to create first-class construction products.

Building Materials

From over 120 high quality materials, you will surely find the right products for your construction project. We are happy to help.


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Michael von Malottky

managing Director

phone: +49 40 54885-483
fax: +49 40 54885-174

Ihr Ansprechpartner


Steffen Korwand

Geschäftsführer Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

phone: +49 385 20898-89
fax: +49 385 20898-27