Cleaning Services

We connect

Separately or in combination with our services, we undertake various services on your construction site, cleaning of various types and personnel services. We create synergies and you benefit.

Construction side services

Diverse support for your project

We ensure a clean construction site, from the first cut of the spade to the handover to the client. We clean your container systems and construction offices regularly and thoroughly so that everyone involved feels comfortable on the construction site. As part of the interim cleaning, we help you to ensure order and safety on your construction project. When all work is done, we provide with a professional and careful last cleaning for the final touch.

Especially in the inner city area, building is a challenge. We support you with efficient construction logistics. This includes, for example, the coordination of delivery traffic, access control and modern waste management.

By the way: With just a few clicks you can set up your no-hold zone. We take care of the approval and the installation of the signs. Simply order online: No-Hold Zone.

You can reach Mr. Nico Da Fonseca at +49 40 851971-74 or by e-mail

Surface and building cleaning

Excellent clean

A good cleaning lays the foundation for a pleasant working and living environment. In commercial enterprises, we clean offices, production areas and outdoor areas. For residential property we support owners and landlords with stairwell cleaning, garden maintenance and a janitorial service. Our winter service ensures the reliable and timely removal of snow and ice.

You can reach Mr. Frank Hilbert at +49 40 851971-73 or by e-mail

Event cleaning

Cleaning is one of our specialties

Whether it’s a product presentation in an exclusive setting or an open-air festival with tens of thousands of visitors: We have the right solution for every event category, so that your event leaves a clean impression. We take care of the right number of waste containers, economical disposal and the final cleaning of the event areas and rooms. Even during an event, we ensure clean sanitary facilities and eliminate small soiling quickly and discreetly. We are happy to assist you during the planning phase in order to minimize the costs for cleaning and disposal.

You can reach Mr. Thorsten Witzke at +49 40 851971-20 or by e-mail

Personal service

Temporary work is a matter of trust

The PReLog Personal GmbH & Co. KG offers flexible and individual solutions for your personnel planning in the commercial-technical areas. We specialize in waste management, logistics and cleaning.

We offer you for example:

We ensure strict adherence to all legal and collectively agreed conditions, which must be observed when hiring temporary staff.

You can reach Ms. Angela Becker at +49 40-3980-5737 or by e-mail