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Whether you are looking for a solution as a municipality, private or industrial customer, as a craft business, retail chain, shipyard or shopping center, with us you are right when it comes to disposal. We cover the entire field of modern waste management and are working for you at several locations throughout northern Germany.

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  • Container Service

    There are more than 10,000 containers in the sizes from 240 l up to 35 m³ available for your disposal. Discover and order our containers, troughs, revolving containers and special containers.

  • Types of waste

    Most types of waste can be disposed of by us as a certified company. Here is an overview of the common waste types.

  • Municipal services

    We offer cities and local communities a diverse range of services. Depending on requirements, we create individual service and sort and recycle.

  • Waste sorting equipment

    Investment in the future: Our state-of-the-art sorting technology is unique in Germany.

  • Landfills

    We offer permanent disposal solutions for a variety of your mineral waste. With state-of-the-art technology and regular in-house and third-party inspections, we offer the highest possible site and thus disposal security.