We believe in a world in which
every material is valuable.

Our contribution to protect the world.

The world’s resources are limited. At the same time, people are producing more and more waste.
If nothing is done, humanity will poison and suffocate all life in the long run.

For sure, raw materials will become scarce in the future.
Perhaps we will run out of them. But we do not want this to happen. With our knowledge we contribute a part to the solution.
We are addressing the scarcity of resources by disposing of industrial waste on the one hand.

In this way, we help to use resources wisely so that we can all continue to live well in the future,
because we believe in a world in which every material is valuable.

What distinguishes us at OTTO DÖRNER

  • Dynamisch

    We are

    We never stand still. We go through the world with our eyes open and constantly try to improve.
  • Loesungsorientiert

    We are solution-oriented

    Every day, we take away part of our customers’ problems. If necessary, even with a solution that did not exist before.
  • Menschlich

    We are

    We not only appreciate the value of the materials we handle. We also value the people we work with.

Why we do what we do.

At OTTO DÖRNER, we know that the world’s resources are limited.
That’s why we help to use them sparingly.

If you want to support us in this, then apply now.

The contribution, that everyone makes

  • Betriebsklima

    Serve customers

    All our employees see themselves as service providers. They listen and help where they can.

  • Kollegen

    Identify and complete tasks independently

    Whether behind the wheel, on the phone or in the office; we recognize and do what needs to be done.

  • Auszubildene

    Optimize processes

    We understand that we will only achieve our goals if we keep getting better.

Ihr Ansprechpartner

Jana Schwindowsky

Personnel Officer

phone: +49 40 54885-888
Please note that these contact details are only intended for applicants.