Continuous improvement

Innovations are the engine of the future. We are always looking for new solutions to improve our services for you. For this purpose, we need smart people who enjoy innovation, progress and a high degree of self-motivation. Discover a selection of new technology, modern IT and forward-looking organization.

Customer Portal

Our portal OTTO DÖRNER GO offers you the possibility
to organize your disposal completely online

  • 24/7 order, at any time and without waiting loop
  • Automatic generation of waste balances and the documentation for the GewAbfV
  • Overview of paid and open invoices
  • Download your invoices and delivery notes
  • All containers and delivery locations at a glance

In addition, GO can be used everywhere: via PC, tablet or smartphone.

Intelligent logistics

Predictive disposition with real-time data

With the fully integrated transport management and telematics system Opheo logistics projects and schedules can be perfectly organized. In our Sand, Gravel & Landfill business, we control around 200 vehicles with this intelligent software. The trucks are equipped with the telematics app Opheo Mobile on their tablets, which handles the order management and route guidance.

Based on current position data Opheo calculates whether the truck is still on schedule and gives an idea of the expected arrival times. In the event of imminent delays, dispatchers can react and redeploy in time – a great value for our customers.

Dosing System

Perfect mixture with rapid self-loading

Many construction projects place high demands on the quality of the mineral mixtures used. With the help of our dosing systems in Consrade, Hittfeld, Krassow and Nützen, precisely defined mineral mixtures can be produced from individual granulations according to the requirements of our customers. The exact mixing ratio is stored as a recipe in the control of the dosing system.

A first-class and standard-compliant mineral mixture for rail, road or civil engineering is produced by computer control and precise measuring technology. The dosing systems in Hittfeld and Nützen are combined with a self-loading system, which loads the trucks via a conveyor belt in just 3 minutes.

Lean Management

Culture of continuous improvement

At OTTO DÖRNER, lean management means effective and clear processes, clear and complete communication, and a positive and constructive corporate culture. The focus is on the quality of customer service and the avoidance of waste. To achieve these goals, continuous improvement is implemented as a process.

Managers and employees are trained according to the principles of lean management. The lean management initiative was launched at the beginning of 2017 with external consulting in the first DÖRNER company and will be successively rolled out to all companies in the OTTO DÖRNER Group. A number of improvements are already visible.